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Scranton Manufacturing

Since 1971, Scranton Manufacturing, Inc. has produced products of the highest quality. Initially focusing on farm equipment repairs, Scranton Mfg. grew to develop the world’s first mechanical hybrid seed corn detasseler. In 1981, Scranton Mfg. purchased New Way Trucks and shifted their focus to engineering some of the world’s best refuse truck equipment.

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New Way® Trucks

As a leader in refuse truck manufacturing for 36 years, New Way Trucks has remained dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Manufacturing a full line of affordable refuse equipment, New Way garbage trucks have become highly sought after due to their low cost and efficient design.

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K-PAC Compaction Equipment Color Logo

K-PAC Compaction Equipment

A leader in solid waste compaction equipment, K-PAC self-contained and stationary compactors will crush nearly anything you throw their way.

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FleetForce® by New Way®

Through FleetForce Truck Rentals, customers can enter into rental agreements on front loaders, rear loaders and automated garbage trucks. This addition to the waste management industry was long awaited, meeting the needs of customers and dealers throughout the United States.

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Bowie International Color Logo

Bowie International

Well known for designing and manufacturing innovative mobile veterinary clinics in the 1960’s, Bowie Manufacturing Inc. has evolved to become an internationally recognized leader in the industry of mobile vet clinics. Today, Bowie International is the only company that manufactures chassis mounted clinics from start to finish.

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Individually crafted to fit the needs of a general practice, or specialty practice, Porta-Vet has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing some of the best mobile vet units.

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Custom Fiberglass Coaches

Since 1968, Custom Fiberglass Coaches has provided the highest quality animal transport units on the market. Routinely working with animal control agencies, animal shelters, humane societies, and wildlife conservationists throughout the United States to develop new safety features and product improvements.

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Hurricane Motorsports

Building your dream car became a lot easier with Hurricane Motorsports. With car enthusiasts in mind, the Hurricane 427 is custom built to fulfill each customer’s unique specifications.

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New Way Auto

Located in Jefferson, Iowa, New Way Auto provides individuals with the best automotive experience possible. Known for their impressive selection of cars, trucks, and SUV’s, New Way Auto’s professional staff is here to help meet your needs.

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New Way Ford Color Logo

New Way Ford

Located in Coon Rapids, Iowa, New Way Ford offers quality vehicles, sold at a fair price. As a family-owned Ford dealership, New Way Ford is committed to excellence and their knowledgeable staff will help find you the car that best suits your lifestyle.

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Fast Lane Motor Parts Color Logo

Fast Lane Motor Parts

Professional service and excellent customer care, Fast Lane Motor Parts, a NAPA Auto Parts store, is committed to providing quality auto parts and supplies for cars, trucks, and equipment service professionals, as well as everyday drivers.

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Fast Lane Auto Care

Fast Lane Auto Care brings premium automative cleaning supplies to car owners looking for top quality. Customers depend on Fast Lane products to keep their vehicles in peak condition.

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