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Mobile Veterinary Clinics

In 1960, Dr. M.C. Bowie founded Bowie Manufacturing Inc. of Lake City, Iowa. Because Dr. Bowie was frustrated by working out of his car when making veterinary calls, he started Bowie Manufacturing with the idea in mind of making mobile practice calls more convenient and accessible. Bowie Manufacturing Inc. was the first to manufacture a mobile clinic out of fiberglass. Like all great ideas and products, our competitors have tried to copy us through the years but our quality and commitment to designing, manufacturing and incorporating the latest in mobile unit technology has never been successfully duplicated.

Originally, Bowie produced only a chassis-mounted fiberglass mobile veterinary clinic. Then in 1969 Bowie was again the first to manufacture and introduce an insert mobile clinic that allowed the veterinarian to have a slip-in, which was called the MINI. Through the years, new design concepts of insert veterinary models such as weight efficient compact modular units have been very successfully marketed. Today our insert models are the AMERICA II which is an 8′ slip-ins for 1/2 and 3/4-ton trucks. The ULTRA 6 insert is designed to fit the extended cab 6′ beds. We also have the CAPRI 6′ and 7′ slip-ins which fit the small trucks (S-10, Ranger, Dakota, etc.). The CROWN II is our slip-in unit designed for both the 6′ and 8′ truck beds and extended cab trucks. The CROWN II was designed so you can pull a 5th wheel trailer.

In 1985 Bowie’s ability to innovate new products for the future was evident in the development of the DIPLOMAT mobile clinic. Again, Bowie was the first to manufacture and market a fiberglass clinic that will fit in Sport Utility Vehicles, vans and today’s minivans. The DIPLOMAT II today has the fiberglass drawer arrangements with such options as a night heater, refrigerator and water system.

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