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New Way® Trucks

Refuse/Recycling/Garbage Trucks

New Way® offers a full line of affordable refuse equipment which includes: front loaders, rear loaders, satellite bodies, recycling bodies, roll-off systems, side loaders and automated side loaders.

New Way®, a family Company, is a highly motivated team of experienced, talented persons. Since its beginning, it has stood for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. That commitment has not changed in over 36 years.

New Way® garbage trucks combine economy, safety, performance and durability in manufacturing the finest equipment; representing the best values with support and service over the life of the product.

New Way® was the first American garbage truck to roll down the streets of China. Because of its simple, reliable, low cost, and efficient design its technology quickly became highly sought after.

Over the past 10 years McLaughlin Family Company’s New Way® China operation has established two Joint Ventures in the Republic of China, becoming known as the leading manufacturer of garbage trucks with an annual production capacity of over 2,000 trucks.

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