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It Pays To Be Healthy At Scranton Manufacturing

Scranton’s New Way is Driving the Difference in Employee Care

Scranton, IA- Scranton Manufacturing, the company behind the successful New Way brand of refuse trucks, has implemented a unique new program to help improve the overall health of its employees. Scranton recently teamed up with health care company SimplyWell, an Omaha-based company whose goal is to encourage wellness through preventive care and individual accountability. The efforts are all part of New Way’s pledge to continue “driving the difference” by creating a new standard in the refuse truck industry.

Practitioners from SimplyWell recently visited Scranton to complete an HRA, or health risk analysis, which was open to all employees. The screening informed each employee of their unique health status and pinpointed risks for certain ailments or diseases. Now employees can go online to SimplyWell’s website and learn in-depth about their health status and what steps they can take to remain healthful.

Beyond the ultimate reward of being fit and healthy, employees are given impressive incentives for completing certain health goals. The system operates on points- employees earned 3,000 for their HRA. Other ways to earn points include exercising, completing an online wellness course, going to checkups or doctor appointments, or participating in active events such as walk-a-thons. It doesn’t take long for a health-minded employee to earn enough points for a $50 gift card or paid time off from work.

Scranton CEO John McLaughlin is very happy to have the new health program. “Scranton knows that our employees are our greatest resource. The new program from SimplyWell is an innovative and engaging way to ensure the health of our workers.”

Scranton Manufacturing was founded in 1971. Its New Way products offer a full line of affordable refuse equipment. New Way has become a leader in the waste management industry. They have expanded to sell units internationally and have two Joint Ventures in China.

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