In Company of Strength.

Scranton Mfg. Acquires Porta-Vet


Porta-Vet, a major manufacturer of mobile veterinary clinics, has been acquired by Scranton Mfg. Co. of Scranton, Iowa. Scranton is perhaps best known for their success with New Way, a world-renowned manufacturer of garbage trucks. Scranton now owns the top companies in mobile veterinary clinics, having purchased Bowie International last year. The acquisition combines the best of Porta-Vet and Bowie and brings together 91 years of veterinary mobile manufacturing experience. All three companies are located in rural Iowa.

Customers of Bowie or Porta-Vet needn’t worry about losing what they care about in their mobile clinics- Scranton’s goal is actually to improve each brand individually. Both product lines will still be available; however, Scranton will bring its experience in high-quality manufacturing and customer service to the ranks of the two mobile veterinary companies.

Scranton’s expertise in manufacturing will bring better efficiency and manufacturing capabilities to Bowie and Porta-Vet. Both lines will see increased quality control and new levels of customer service. “We at Scranton Manufacturing are excited to embark on this new quest to enrich two already great companies. Just as with New Way, our commitment to the finest quality products will be seen in every detail of the customer experience,” said Scranton president Mike McLaughlin.

McLaughlin also says customers can also expect faster delivery times as a result of the improved manufacturing capabilities. Scranton will add increased customer care coverage to make sure all customers have their needs met.

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