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Bowie International Hires New Mechanical Engineer

Skilled Employee Brings New Capabilities to the Company

Lake City, IA – Bowie International, LLC, the leader in mobile veterinary clinics, recently added new talent to their team. Daniel Francis began work last month as a Mechanical Engineer. His professional skills will be fully utilized to increase Bowie’s quality and design capabilities.

Francis achieved a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and brings years of experience to his role at Bowie. One of his first tasks involves analyzing the Bowie product lineup in terms of design and functionality. Engineering drawings and diagrams are being developed for all current models and parts, and 3-D models can now be made to offer better design evaluations. These new capabilities will help Bowie improve and diversify their product lineup, implementing new technology where it will be beneficial.

In addition to increasing the design quality of current models, Francis will also be involved in new product development. Steve Sinnard, Executive Vice President of Bowie said, “’We are excited to welcome Dan to the Bowie team and look forward to incorporating new ideas and technologies to enhance our product line. Providing our customers with the best quality product is our top priority and we are confident that Dan’s talents will improve Bowie’s capabilities and help shape the vision of the future.” Sinnard believes customers will be excited with the many improvements the future holds.

Bowie was purchased by Scranton Manufacturing Co., Inc. a year and a half ago. Scranton also purchased Porta-Vet shortly afterward (another leading manufacturer of mobile veterinary clinics), and has been working to improve both brands by applying their experience in high-quality manufacturing and customer service to the two mobile veterinary companies.

More information about Bowie, Scranton, and Porta-Vet can be found at

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