In Company of Strength.

Hurricane Motorsports™

427 Roadster Manufacturer

Hurricane Motorsports is one of the most talked-about names in replica car production, and is now a part of the McLaughlin Family Companies.

The Hurricane 427 Roadster is an American supercar that can be built by just about anyone who has ever spent some time in a garage. The 427 Roadster comes complete with all of the parts that you need to build this dream machine while requiring no welding, fiberglass work or metal bonding.

The Hurricane 427 has been designed from the ground up specifically with car enthusiasts in mind. The Roadster’s accurate shape and caliber of the fiberglass body, high-performance racing components, and overall completeness have proven to be a major draw for enthusiasts. Another major advantage of the Hurricane kit is that there is no donor car needed. The chassis, suspension, brakes, steering, body, and just about everything else are all provided as part of the kit – all you need to provide is the engine, transmission, paint, wheels and tires. Each car is custom built to the customer’s unique specifications.

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