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1 Year Later, Inventive Health Plan is in Good Shape

Health-conscious employees enjoy time off and cash in Scranton, IA


Scranton, IA – As the fastest-growing manufacturer of garbage trucks in the US, Scranton Manufacturing understands that a lot rides on the well-being of their workers. Last November Scranton teamed up with Simply Well, an Omaha-based company, to start a new health program which encourages preventive care and individual accountability. This led to 122 Scranton workers making healthy changes to their lives. The results were so positive that the program is entering its second year and is seeing an increase in participation.

Because the program is based on accountability, participation in Simply Well is completely voluntary and in addition to the company’s group health coverage. Employees earn points for each healthy activity they complete, including the first step of having a health screening at work. Other opportunities to earn points include exercising, completing online wellness courses, going to doctor appointments or participating in active events such as walk-a-thons. Last year, 66 employees earned enough points to receive a gift card and extra paid time off. There were also awards ceremonies which took place at Scranton’s numerous facilities throughout western Iowa.

Art Sween, Scranton’s HR manager, also noted some new additions to the program. “This year we’ve also signed up for Simply Well’s ‘health score’ which will monitor the employees’ progress throughout the year in more tangible ways. Last year we saw people lower their cholesterol and blood pressure – that’s fantastic, but we’ll have even more measurable results this year,” said Sween. The initial health screenings were completed recently and included blood testing and flu shots for those interested. Sween is pleased to have the program continue. “We’re really pushing to top the results of last year. It’s a good feeling to see them succeed and enjoy all the rewards and recognition.”

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