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Hurricane Motorsports 427 Roadster Begins Production

Revived brand quickly roaring to life under direction of original fabricator Jason Kovachevich


LAKE CITY, IA – Nearly 2 years after the last Hurricane 427 Roadster rolled off the production line, the legendary high-performance car is being assembled once again. To the delight of enthusiasts worldwide, Scranton Manufacturing purchased the inactive Hurricane Motorsports on September 21st, signaling the brand would finally receive the proper revival it deserved. Over the past two months, Scranton has worked earnestly moving the operation to a new state, hiring an expert from the car’s past, and developing improvements to the production process.

The first new Hurricane frame began production on Monday, November 9th under the direct supervision of Jason Kovachevich. A driving force since the car’s inception, Jason served as the lead fabricator of all the original Hurricanes produced in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Jason is working closely with Scranton’s production team in Lake City, Iowa, to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain the outstanding quality of the original. Purists are sure to celebrate Jason’s involvement, as well as the fact that the cars are being produced on the original Hurricane frame jigs. There are some improvements to the new Hurricane including more precise weld quality, laser-cut parts replacing some previously heat-bent parts, and a subtle addition to the cabin’s leg and foot room. Recent hire Josh Brauckman is a car builder and 9-year racing veteran from Glidden, Iowa. His unique perspective ensures every car will be ready for the track.

Only 122 cars were made during Hurricane Motorsports’ initial 3-year run in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Though the company was new on the scene, their machines gained respect among enthusiasts both on the streets and at the track. At auto events and online, Hurricane owners raved over the car’s exacting quality, phenomenal customer service, kit completeness, and race-ready accuracy. Though the excitement continued to build, the car’s production was short-lived. Just as new customers lined up to place orders, the company fell silent amid financial troubles. Resuscitation attempts toyed with the hopes of owners and fans, but despite two years of ups and downs, enthusiasts remained full of nostalgic sentiments. After 2 years of uncertainty, Scranton Manufacturing entered with the experience and assets to bring the cars back to life. After the purchase, Scranton quickly replaced the stagnant Hurricane website with their new message: “The Legend Lives”.

Now with tangible proof coming together in the form of iron and fiberglass, indeed, the legend will live soon. Scranton anticipates a limited number of cars will become available for order in the near future. More details will be released as they become available.

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