In Company of Strength.

New Way Staff Completes Leadership Training Course


Scranton, IA – Recently 34 New Way employees completed a 10-week Leadership Training course. The course was presented by Jim Ober, VP of Operations, and Bruce Chaffee. The course included topics such as Management Styles, Leadership Characteristics, Motivation and Recognition, Development a “Community Mindset”, the Art of Giving and Taking Criticism, Key Skills for Great Managers and Performance Coaching, among other topics.

Congratulations to all of the class graduates who are helping “Drive the Difference” at New Way!

Class members are as follows:

Dave Trecker

Mike Grife

Jim Drake

Mark DeMey

Jens Villebro

Eric Herbers

Tammy Hale

Jeff Stofer

Nathan Paulsen

Chris Milligan

Rick Klein

Jonathon McLaughlin

Bruce Parker

Glen Summers

Joe Cline

Christy McCool

Donny Gustoff

Joel David

Ray Gibson

Annette Hadley

Ed Anderson

Nick Wothe

Ed Brown

Phil Allen

Bill Cozad

Brandon Schirmbeck

Ray Stanton

Mike Rice

Jason Haley

Chad Young

Matt Rastetter

Jamie Westscott

Jason Jackson

Randy Lewis

Courtney Lauffer

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