In Company of Strength.

New Way® Leadership Training Program Strengthens Workforce

Ten week volunteer program allows employees to sharpen leadership skills.


Scranton, IOWA – Iowa based refuse truck manufacturer New Way® Trucks has always been focused on developing their workforce, and that still holds true to this day. New Way has developed a volunteer leadership training program that equips employees with the knowledge and tools to continue making a difference in the company.

The ten week program, which was developed by New Way Vice President of Operations, Jim Ober, and head of special projects, Bruce Chaffee, educates participants on the pillars of leadership and provides opportunities for employees to put those qualities to work throughout the organization. As New Way nears the completion of a 56,000 sq ft facility expansion, the volunteer program has already proven to be a worthy investment.

“We have a very dedicated workforce at New Way and our leadership training program has enabled employees to step up and become leaders,” said Jim Ober. “The facility expansion translates to 70+ new jobs, and with it comes a need for leadership. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of potential and drive among the participants so it’s been quite a rewarding initiative.”

Individuals looking for more information on New Way and/or interested in applying for a position, are encouraged to visit the company’s official website.

Original article written by Katie Mason from the Coon Rapids Enterprise (April 30th, 2015).

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