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International waste-equipment manufacturer teams with Canadian distributor


SCRANTON, IA – New Way, a world-renowned leader of refuse trucks, has recently expanded its sales to Canadian contractors and municipalities. Falcon Equipment Ltd. is the 42nd company to become an authorized New Way dealer, and the second New Way distributor in Canada. Falcon Equipment, a dealer that specializes in truck-mounted equipment and waste-management vehicles, will work to increase New Way sales to Canadian contractors and help promote the New Way brand in Canada.

“We’re glad that we can expand our market to serve more Canadians,” said Phil Allen, executive VP of sales and marketing. “New Way is well-known in the States, but Canada presents new opportunities for continuous growth.” Since being founded in 1971, New Way operations have stretched around the world. Sales blossomed after the establishment of two Joint Ventures in China more than twelve years ago. Other dealers are located in Puerto Rico, Barbados, and recently, Egypt.

From its headquarters in Scranton, Iowa, New Way develops its full line of affordable refuse equipment, shipping trucks around the world. Allen believes New Way will continue to expand in Canada as they build a reputation there for product quality and ethical service. “Falcon Equipment becoming a New Way dealer marks an exciting growth,” Allen said, “for New Way as well as for our Canadian customers.”

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