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Mamba Strikes with Automated Arm

New Way debuts automated-arm option for popular refuse-truck model


SCRANTON, IOWA –The Mamba, manufactured by New Way, a leader in the waste industry, now features an automated arm for even more efficient garbage collection. The Mamba, one of the smallest automated trucks in the world, also offers customers cart-tipper and barrel-dumper options.

New Way engineers, Scranton, Iowa, automated the Mamba with the proven Perkins arm, manufactured in Illinois. “It will save customers money, it’s a good match to the body, and it works great,” said Phil Allen, executive VP of sales and marketing.

The speedy Mamba, with a 6- to 12-cubic-yard body size, is designed for tight areas too small for a larger packer, such as residential areas with weight limits, parks and narrow alleys. “We felt there was a need for a small automated side loader,” Allen said, “and if customers want it, why not offer it?”

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Founded in 1971, New Way has become America’s fastest growing manufacturer in the waste industry. New Way attributes their success to a family-owned structure, offering top quality refuse trucks backed by ethical service. In the past decade, they have expanded to sell units internationally via two joint ventures in China. Today, New Way products are operating in numerous countries from the United States to Iraq.

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