In Company of Strength.

Scranton's Animal Brands Glow with Recent Upgrades

Bowie, Porta·Vet & Custom Fiberglass Coaches boast new LED lighting & more


When Scranton Manufacturing purchased both Bowie and Porta·Vet, the leading names in mobile veterinary clinics, customers were told that the brands would align resources to create an improved customer experience. Customers will soon see more quality upgrades across all models, including the newly acquired Custom Fiberglass Coaches, a line of truck-mounted animal transport units. Beginning immediately, all models will be equipped with the superior LED lights, both on the exterior and inside their compartments.

The change is part of a larger upgrade including streamlined wiring harnesses and electrical systems which allow for more efficient operation and quicker, easier diagnostics. The LED lights, however, will be the most noticeable change from the customer’s perspective, providing brighter light on the units while drawing less power and requiring virtually no maintenance (such as bulb replacement). Scranton’s engineers witnessed the same electrical system in use on the latest fire trucks and were impressed by the quality.

Another upgrade involves the keyless entry system, which has upgraded components for extended quality and product life. “Customers may not notice every single change,” said Steve Sinnard, Bowie Executive VP, “but that’s kind of the point. The products are designed to keep doing their job without asking for much attention.” Sinnard also said unit prices will not see any increases as a result of the upgrades.

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