In Company of Strength.

Scranton Fabricates the Foundation for Success

Fabrication Department Achieves 160 Years Of Combined Experience


SCRANTON, IA – They are the workers behind many unique products manufactured in Iowa, and their work is changing things around the world. These versatile workers fabricate: parts for garbage trucks which will clean up some far-away community; parts for a precision 500 horsepower supercar which screams around a track; even parts for a veterinarian’s mobile clinic which helps save animals in Malaysia. Mostly from raw materials, these employees create the framework of many products which are responsible for completing impressive work around the world, and completing it safely. Their experience with Scranton Manufacturing has shaped them into the vital, adaptable workers they must be for this job, and this year their collective experience at Scranton totals 160 years.

The Fabrication Department of Scranton Manufacturing is mainly responsible for their flagship company, New Way, which has quickly grown to one of the top brands in refuse trucks. New Way focuses on “rapid improvement” principles with their assembly lines, so these workers are not only responsible for creating the most precise parts, they must ensure they are placed properly into the production schedule. The Staging Department is a segment of the Fabrication Department, continually supplying parts to assembly lines, which increases efficiency throughout the entire plant. All Fabrication Department members are highly competent using delicate tools to check calibrations, measurements, degrees, and configurations on machines that include CNC and hi-definition capabilities.

Besides their work for New Way, the Fabrication Department is also responsible for creating precision parts for other Scranton companies: K-PAC, a stationary waste compactor line; Hurricane Motorsports, a high performance replica car company; Bowie International, a manufacturer of mobile veterinary clinics; and Minnehan Metal, a metal fabrication business. “We are continuously striving to develop bigger and better ways of rapid improvement,” said Randy Lewis, Fabrication Supervisor of 23 years experience, “Our quality assurance procedures help ensure customer satisfaction and hold all our products to the high standards of Scranton Manufacturing.”

Pictured above listed from the left to right: (Very Front Person) Randy Lewis – Fabrication Supervisor (Front Row) Jim Biggart – Assistant Supervisor, Ron Hoyle – Lead man for Plasma & Brake Press, Ed Anderson – Lead man for Machining Center, John Grife – Lead man for Staging. (Second Row) Ed Brown, Robert Hoyle, Joshua Hoyt, Leroy Reineke, Don Daniel, Matt Ferris, Gary Hale. (Third Row) Lary Grassmeir, Terry Canavan, Tammy Hale, Richard Thomas, Cody Summers, Marty Toms.

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