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New Way Loads Up Relief for Haiti

Leading waste manufacturer matches donations of entire US dealer network


Scranton, Iowa – John McLaughlin’s heart has been heavy for Haiti long before an earthquake recently rocked the country. Besides being CEO of New Way, a prominent name in refuse trucks, McLaughlin is also a board member of Men for Missions, a Christian mission organization with a strong presence in Haiti. McLaughlin has visited Haiti multiple times in the past and has made numerous donations to bring hope to the people through Christian ministry and humanitarian aid. In the wake of the recent disaster, New Way is stepping forward to bring much needed relief to Haiti with the help of their nationwide dealer network by matching all dealer donations up to $10,000.

There are around 50 New Way dealers in the US and McLaughlin is encouraging all of them to come together to help the crippled nation of Haiti. A recent email asked each dealer to add a few hundred dollars on top of their monthly parts order. “The stories and images we are seeing from Haiti are a reminder of our calling to help those in need,” said McLaughlin. “We are very blessed to have the opportunity to bring hope to these people. Though Men for Missions is not primarily a relief organization, we are called to offer our assistance as the effects of this disaster continue to threaten lives.” McLaughlin expects many New Way dealers to agree.

The dealer network is a major component of New Way’s strength. Starting in the 1980’s, the family owned New Way began searching out dealers who were committed to ethical customer service. The number of dealers continued to grow, eventually helping New Way become a recognized name in the waste industry in a very short time, against more corporate competitors which were established a century ago.

McLaughlin hopes New Way and its dealers can deliver a check quickly toward Men for Missions relief efforts. He is also looking forward to delivering some goodwill in person in June of this year during Men for Missions’ 60th anniversary gathering, which will be held in Haiti.

More information about New Way and Men for Missions can be found at their websites: &

Scranton Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1971. Its New Way products offer a full line of affordable refuse equipment. New Way has become America’s fastest growing manufacturer in the waste industry. They have expanded to sell units internationally and have two joint ventures in China.

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