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New Way Debuts in Russia

Russia's Atlantic Group To Display Cobra Model In Moscow


Moscow, Russia – New Way™, a leading manufacturer of garbage and refuse trucks in the U.S. market, will make its first appearance on Russian soil at the WasteTech Trade Fair and Conference in Moscow. The Atlantic Group, New Way’s first Russian dealer, purchased a Cobra™ rear loader body for display at the expo running May 28-31. The body will be mounted on a Russian chassis for demonstration both at WasteTech and across the country. This announcement comes on the heels of New Way’s joint venture with DHAPSA in Mexico, advancing Scranton Manufacturing’s global expansion.

“New Way is excited to exhibit at the WasteTech Expo in Moscow,” says Mike Dryden, New Way Director of International Sales. “It is our first expansion into Eastern Europe and will complement our successful venture in China, which we’ve been operating since 2006.”

WasteTech is the largest forum in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for waste management, recycling, renewable energy and environmental technologies. The most recent WasteTech forum attracted 309 companies from 23 countries and stretched across 6,000 square meters (approximately 65,000 square feet) of indoor and outdoor space. The exhibition covers a wide variety of waste topics, from wastewater treatment to green building to ventilation to reclamation of contaminated sites. More event information can be found at

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