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New Way® Awarded Contract with National Joint Powers Alliance


Scranton, IOWA – New Way® Trucks of Scranton, Iowa has been awarded a contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). The NJPA is a public, municipal contractor for government and educational agencies. Their primary purpose is to consolidate the efforts of individual vendors and agencies into a national-level cooperative. This system leverages buying power, contract opportunities and saves time and money for members.

“Many municipalities across the country build their waste management fleets with New Way® Trucks,” said Phil Allen, vice president of sales at New Way®. “By contracting with the NJPA, our industry-leading products are offered through the cooperative. We can competitively bid and offer solutions through this streamlined network, thereby broadening our reach. We will be able to more effectively demonstrate the quality, consistency and custom features of our complete line of waste management vehicles across the country and in Canada.”

This cooperative system gives vendors the ability to respond to one request for proposal (RFP), which can possess thousands of sale’s opportunities. “The result of this cooperative effort is a high-quality selection of nationally leveraged, competitively bid contract solutions to help meet the ever-challenging needs of our current and future member agencies,” said NJPA executive director, Chad Coauette.

New Way® Trucks joins over 170 other nationally recognized, Fortune 500 organizations. who are currently contracted members of the NJPA.

“AT NJPA, we are driven to provide efficient public service through our national contract purchasing program of world-class vendors,” added Mike Hajek, director of contracts and marketing for NJPA. “The common needs of our members and our desire to effectively serve your agency will lead our commitment and overall efforts as, together, we face the budget and purchasing challenges in the future.”

Founded in 1983, New Way® has become America’s fastest growing manufacturer in the waste industry. New Way® attributes their success to a family-owned structure, offering top quality refuse trucks backed by ethical service. In the past decade, they have expanded to sell units internationally via two joint ventures in China. Today, New Way® products are operating in numerous countries from the US to Iraq.

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