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New Hurricane Motorsports Roadster Unveiled

#99 car a symbol of new life for the company


LONDON, OHIO – Hurricane Motorsports unveiled its newly reengineered Hurricane 427 Roadster to hundreds of enthusiasts attending the 2010 London Cobra Show. Classic sports car fans praised the Roadster’s new features and accuracy, which is designed to be even more “original” than the first generation of Hurricanes. The 427 is touted as being the most complete, accurate, and thrilling replica since the legendary Le Mans-winning models of the early 1960’s, which became the most sought-after American muscle cars in history.

The legend lives with the first of the incredibly accurate new series, adorned with a gloss black finish, titanium racing stripes, and serial number “HM 2001.” Its racing number, 99, signifies a rebirth of the Hurricane (the original Hurricane factory-owned car was adorned with the racing number 98). Hurricane 99 is now the flagship of the new Hurricane Motorsports, which was purchased by Scranton Manufacturing Co. of Scranton, Iowa, late last year. Features of the newly reengineered Hurricane include floor-mounted foot pedals, white gel-coat foot boxes in the engine compartment, and a riveted hood scoop.

The guys behind Hurricane consider the London Cobra Show a major step forward for the company. “It was great to meet some of the most passionate motoring enthusiasts in the country,” said Steve Sinnard, executive VP of Hurricane. “We’re happy that all the hard work that went into improving the car is appreciated by the industry. Everyone we met was impressed by the car’s accuracy and quality, and we heard again and again how great the car looks.”

Hurricane’s presence at the event has opened up multiple leads for new orders, and now that the factory car is complete, the company is transitioning into full-time production. The first customer car, HM-2002 by veteran builder and racer Dean Lampe, is also nearing completion. Lampe has been documenting his build in detail on the site Other customer cars are being completed now, and Hurricane is currently accepting orders for the next round of production.

Interested parties can learn more on the Hurricane website ( or call 888.99.THRILL (888.998.4745).

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The Perfect Storm: Hurricane Motorsports’ first production car created from its new home in Lake City, Iowa, boast many improvements over the original model, which sold 122 hand built cars worldwide. The racing number 99 is one greater than the previous Hurricane flagship car, representing a positive step forward for the company.

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