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Dealers' Input Helps Shape New Way

Waste-equipment manufacturer asks dealers to help improve service, products


As part of an ongoing effort to improve their leading waste company, New Way Trucks has recently wrapped up their annual dealer survey. Feedback from the dealer network is a large part of what helps the waste-equipment manufacturer focus on specific improvements. “We find it not only beneficial — but imperative — that we team up with dealers on a regular basis to find out what they like about New Way and what they want to see improved,” said Phil Allen, VP of sales and marketing. “Then we do everything we can to take their suggestions and act on them.” Results from New Way’s most recent online survey indicate that customer loyalty, perception of quality and satisfaction have all grown in the past 12 months.

In previous years, New Way made dozens of changes to various models after receiving feedback from dealers survey results and open comments. After dealers shared their insight for upgrades to a 2009 truck model, they were pleased to receive a follow-up email with a list of 34 modifications to the truck’s design. And following requests for more specific product literature, New Way introduced updated, detailed product brochures. “New Way stands behind their products, and they respond to customer needs effectively and timely,” said one dealer in the September 2010 survey. “A good working relationship between New Way and their dealers is important, and I feel we get the support we need on a regular basis.” Dealers’ feedback is kept anonymous to encourage openness.

Headquartered in Scranton, Iowa, New Way develops its refuse trucks and sends them around the world. With distributors representing every one of the 50 states — as well as Canada, China, Puerto Rico, Barbados and Egypt, among others — New Way leaders have made it a priority to reach out to their dealer network. “Our goal is to keep our dealers involved as we drive forward,” Allen said. “They are very close to the product at all times, and they hear unique perspectives from our customers.”

For more information contact: Phil Allen, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing · · 800.831.1858

Founded in 1971, New Way has become America’s fastest growing manufacturer in the waste industry. New Way attributes their success to a family-owned structure, offering top quality refuse trucks backed by ethical service. In the past decade, they have expanded to sell units internationally via two joint ventures in China. Today, New Way products are operating in numerous countries from the US to Iraq.

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