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In the early 1970's McLaughlin™ Imprint & Apparel recognized an increasing need in the marketplace for personal protection and safety equipment. This prompted McLaughlin™ Imprint & Apparel to begin producing personal leather holsters for chemical deterrent devices such as pepper spray and mace (CS gas). Soon McLaughlin™ Imprint & Apparel grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of the holsters. These products were so well received by the public that law enforcement and security personnel began using McLaughlin's holsters as well. This sparked a whole new line of vinyl and man-made leather holsters designed specifically for law enforcement, security personnel, and military use.

Today, McLaughlin continues to produce top of the line personal security deterrent holsters. The holsters are helping law enforcement, and security personnel every day worldwide, and they can also be found helping save lives on the hips of United States soldiers in Iraq.

In 2000, McLaughlin™ Imprint & Apparel began offering a whole line of marketing materials ranging from screen-printing and embroidery, to pens, key chains, bags, mugs, and many other promotional items. With professional quality and superior customer service McLaughlin has thrived in the regional markets.

McLaughlin™ Imprint & Apparel recently launched a new website which offers customers the ability to develop their own customized website to sell their apparel, accessories, and promotional items in. It is a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to sell merchandise online.

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