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Here you can learn more about McLaughlin Family Companies' rich history and the values it was founded upon.

McLaughlin Family Companies Veterans

Our Military & Veterans

We believe service in the Armed Forces is one of the most honorable paths a young man or woman can take in life, which makes us proud to employ many active duty U.S. military members and veterans.

Name Military Branch
Jack Arkland US Army
Jonathon Bauer USMC
Craig Bradke USAF
Robert Brewster USMC
Bruce Chaffee US Army
Ronald Clausen US Army
Michael Coil USMC
Ryan Cooklin National Guard
Bud Corkins National Guard
Kyle Cornelius US Army
Daniel Currier US Navy
Dillon Davis National Guard
Dustin Evans USAF
Andre Fennell USAF
Raymond Gibson US Army
Chris Greteman US Army
John Grife USMC
Terry Gustoff US Army/National Guard
Annette Hadley USMC
Stehen Hale US Army
Robert Harms US Army
Christopher Hartl National Guard
Randy Lewis US Army
Courtney Malloy USAF
Calvin Mohr USMC
Hank Muzney US Army
Leo Nava National Guard
Charles Parker US Army
Brad Paup National Guard
Russell Pawletzki USMC
Dillon Peters National Guard
Gary (Rowdy) Reicks USAF
Chad Richter US Army
Matt Sewick National Guard
Lane Snyder National Guard
Jacob Spaulding US Army
Mark Spaulding US Army
Shawn Talbert US Army/National Guard
Mark Thompson US Army
Tim Twogood US Army
James Vivyan US Army
Leo Welsh US Army
Mike Woodruff USAF
Chad Young USMC/US Army